Simple solution that takes hard work

BE who you are at your natural best

Find your way

Set your purpose

How you act

DO what you do to achieve your purpose

Define outcomes

Go for it

Achieve goals

Purpose of Which Wolf Sherpa

To think differently in challenging the status quo so that we achieve superior performance we believed was beyond our reach!

Our process is based on the metaphor of the Cherokee Legend of the two wolves and their constant battle within us. The dark wolf creates roadblocks. The light wolf enables and empowers.

We believe in creating the right options to choose the best path forward for you. The key to achieving superior performance is instilling a firm sense of purpose in our unconscious mind. Using our values as powerful guides to achieve successful outcomes. Internalizing the goals and actions necessary to elevate performance.

Sometimes there are roadblocks more deeply rooted in our life experiences. We work with our network of partners to help you remove these roadblocks so you can be who you are at your natural best.  

Which Wolf will you decide to feed today?

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